INC Spills Out Into Denver Comic Con 2013

INC - the Indigenous Narrative Collective - has been making the 'rounds' at various Cons this year and I am excited to announce that we will be at the Denver Comic Con 2013.

In addition to being a panelist on some very interesting panels, I will be also be at DCC's Artist Alley during the Con.  Of course, I will have copies of my book on hand for purchase ... which I would be gladly willing to sign.  ;)

INC will also have a booth with info about our INC Universe comic.  Several other members of INC will be present at this historic event, including Lee Francis, Arigon Starr, and Marty Two Bulls !


Friday, May 31st, 7-8pm
"Tradition and KAPOW: Engaging Youth in Storytelling and Comics"
Rm 103

Saturday, June 1st, 12-1pm
"Telling OUR Stories: The (New) Ancient Traditions of Sequential Art"
Rm 103

Saturday, June 1st,  5-6pm
"Searching For Indigenous: Uncovering Identity Through Comics and Graphic Novels"
Rm 103

Sunday, June 2nd, 11am-12pm
"Native Americans in Comic Books"
Rm 102

For more information on DCC, see their website at and for more information on INC go to their website at

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