Video Review of NAICB

Screenshot from Literally Graphic's YouTube review.

Video Review

YouTuber, Literally Graphic recently took the time to post a review of my book, Native Americans in Comic Books.

On the 'About' page of the YouTube channel, Literally Graphic's proclaims,
My goal is to not only to spread the word about the amazing diversity we have in modern comics, but also to learn about and explore them on an artistic/literary level.
Literally Graphic provides a thoughtful and honest review of NAICB and takes time to mention the use of humor in my book as well as acknowledge its limitation of being primarily focused on United States comics. Literally Graphic also provides a few links with more information about my book.

Check out Literally Graphic's other reviews and videos using the YouTube channel link, listed above

NAICB Available in Paperback

Good news, everyone!

A recent letter from my publisher, McFarland, reveals that my book will now be made available in both hardback and paperback editions.

The new soft-cover version is 223 pages in length and is available for $25 + shipping. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get Native Americans in Comic Books at a more affordable price!

Order your copy from the McFarland website at:

My Events & Public Appearances for November 2015

November 2015 is absolutely hopping with events. No surprise that it's Native American Heritage Month here in the US. Here's a rundown of public events where I'll be this month.

This is a great chance to come out and get your book signed or even purchase a copy. Please contact me directly for any other items (comics, t-shirts, etc.) before the event.

Check back here for updates or keep an eye on the individual websites below. When in doubt, contact the event coordinator or person listed on the individual websites.

Family Reading Night - Before the Avengers: Celebrating Native American Heroes in Comic Books!

Reagan Elementary School
1601 24th Ave SE, Norman, OK 73071 (map)
TuesdayThursday, November 1012, 2015 (corrected)

More info:
Join us for an awesome and FREE family reading night that involves creating comic books and story time with graphic novelist Michael Sheyahshe, learning about Native American heritage, and getting tips on family reading engagement from our wonderful reading specialists and librarians!
We will provide the supplies for every student to create their own comic book, Mr. Sheyahshe will share story time and his journey with making Native Americans the heroes in comic books, every child will leave with a book, and free snacks and drinks will be provided.

Book End Book Expo

The Book End
1302 E. 6th St., Tulsa, OK 74120 (map)
Saturday, November 14, 2015

Indigenous Stereotypes: Tips to Avoid Native American Stereotypes in Comics
The Book End Book Expo, or BeBe 2015, is a local and regional literary festival created by founders Kris Rose, Okcate Evita Smith and A.W. Selby, to celebrate Oklahoma’s diverse range of writers and publishers. We aim to create a platform for all forms of literature and show support for those who are sometimes marginalized or overshadowed by more conventional works. The Book End Book Expo will be free and open to the public, will feature books, readings and activities for all age groups, and will last three days, November 12th through 14th. The Book Expo is taking place in multiple venues in the Pearl district: the Phoenix Cafe, The Book End in the Phoenix Cafe, This Land Store and Event Center, The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, and the Nightingale Theater.

Workshop: Creating Comic Books

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Library
335588 E. 750 Rd., Perkins, OK. 74059 (map)
Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More info:
Come join us for a 2-hour workshop on how to create comic books, looking at all of the major elements needed to create comics, from start to finish. We'll discuss story writing, scripting, basic pencils/artwork, inking, coloring, and digital tools to use. Basic art supplies will be provided.

Hey - I'm on a List !

From "Strike and Bolt," written by Michael Sheyahshe with
art by George Freeman (Alternate History Comics Inc.).
Due to my contribution to MOONSHOT - a collection of comic books stories from AH Comics with Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, and Métis at the helm - I have the good fortune to be included in "7 indigenous comics creators you should know about", an article from CBCBooks, the book section of  CBC/Radio-Canada's website.

The article outlines a Q&A session with Hope Nicholson - editor for MOONSHOT - as she discusses her insight to the creative forces behind the stories inside the book. It is a complete honor to be listed alongside these individuals, especially for a creative endeavor.

While I won't go into details (no spoilers here!), below is the list of seven. For more information, use the link above to read on.

And now, with no further ado...the LIST:
  1. Jeffrey Veregge (artist) - @JeffreyVeregge
  2. Stephen Gladue (artist) - @StephenGladue
  3. Todd Houseman (writer) - @ToddHouseman
  4. Arigon Starr (writer) - @arigonstarr
  5. David Cutler (artist) - @davidjcutler
  6. Michael Sheyahshe (writer) - @sheyahshe
  7. Elizabeth LaPensée (writer) - @odaminowin
I've included Twitter feeds for these fellow LISTED. So go on...go check them out and encourage each of them to keep up the good work and to keep those comics coming! Finally, for anyone interested in purchasing MOONSHOT, you can use the Promo Code "MTSHEY" to get $1.00 off the book price at the AH Comics online store -