Fresh INC

I'm please to announce my participation with the Indigenous  Narratives  Collective ("INC") on a comic book collaboration.

Here's a blub from Arigon Starr's website,
This is the cover of the brand new "INC's Universe" comic book just published by the Indigenous Narratives Collective. Concept and artwork by Arigon Starr. "INC's Universe" also features work from Roy Boney, Beth Aileen Dillon, Spider Moccasin, Jonathan Nelson, Michael Sheyahshe, Ryan Huna Smith, Theo Tso, Marty Two Bulls and Arigon Starr.
The INC comic is to be distributed at the Wordcraft Circle, “Returning The Gift” Conference in Milwaukee (Sept. 5-9) and the Southeastern Indian Writers Conference in Cherokee, North Carolina (Sept. 12-14).

I was mega-cool working with this group...big thanks to Arigon Starr for spearheading (can I say that online??) the whole thing.  Look for more from INC soon!

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