Speaking at IFAIR 2012

I have been invited by the Institute for American Indian Research (IFAIR) at the University of New Mexico to the Indigenous Book and Authors Festival in Albuquerque on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 2pm for a session titled, "Graphic/Comic/Art Stories", based on my book from publisher, McFarland.

Here is some info I received in my invitation from UNM:

The 2012 Indigenous Book and Authors Festival promises to be an ambitious event to take place on our campus and in the Southwest and New Mexico. Based on a growing body of published writing by indigenous authors, it is an important opportunity to develop public and academic awareness of great writing. IFAIR is philosophically committed to the expression of indigenous thought and intellectual exchange. The festival event aims to promote special and shared opportunities to introduce invited authors to share and meet festival participants from the university community, city, state, as well as national and tribal citizens are most welcome.

Indigenous programs at UNM through the Institute for American Indian Research (IFAIR) is under the support of the College of Arts & Sciences. Our mission since its inception in 2003 has been to support indigenous research issues and dialogue for enrichment and strengthening of intellectual interaction and communication among competing programs at a major research institution. For more information: www.unm.edu/~ifair.

This year’s festival especially seeks to acknowledge indigenous authors whose publications promote tribal perspectives, creativity, history and research while celebrating the published work. This event has the cooperation of various partners at the University of New Mexico who are working with the IFAIR advisory committee, the College of Arts and Sciences, Indigenous Nations Library Program of the University Libraries, the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies, and faculty in Native American Studies and anthropology, English and psychology, and the Lobo Bookstore.

The two‐day Festival activities in addition to the author presentations and writing workshop programmes will include on‐site meals, a keynote luncheon talk by Dr. Luanna Ross, President of Salish‐Kootenai College, a poetics lunch gathering with Simon Ortiz and his daughter Sara Ortiz, a poetry slam with music by Native Roots, and an evening of indigenous storytelling. With the exception of charge of $7 for the keynote lunch, all events are free and open to the public.

A full programme schedule will be available soon.

For more information please contact IFAIR at mesa@unm.edu or call 505‐277‐3917.

Hope to see all my friends from the surroundings areas...be ready with questions.  :)

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