Book Review - World Literature Today

A new review in World Literature Today (May/June 2009) talks about my book, "Native Americans in Comic Books." Read the article here:

For those unfamiliar with the magazine, World Literature Today is
"An international literary journal that publishes interviews, original poetry, and fiction from around the world. Articles include essays on writers and regional trends, authors writing on books that changed their lives, and travel writing."

In the article, Chris Teuton calls the work "groundbreaking," "a welcome addition to the fields of Native American studies and popular culture studies," and "an important sourcebook".
However, Teuton clarifies his standpoint on the book, saying that it is not a "scholarly work, but a collection of the candid insights of one comic book enthusiast and his understanding and reaction to the representation of Native Americans in comics."

Fair enough. However, I have to say it certainly felt like scholarly research when I was both researching and writing it.

Heh. :)

Thanks for the review, Chris Teuton...and thanks to WLT for publishing it.

-Michael Sheyahshe


Jera Winters said...

Great review. He pointed out that you did some very important work, and added something to the field, which is an incredible accomplishment in academia. But it should be noted that to be scholarly, it would involve getting involved in some of the more complicated theoretical areas in pop culture and Native American studies.

Michael Sheyahshe said...

good point. i didn't think of that. thanks. -M